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Vladimir Vasilev

Life inconcrete

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A concrete city of Bulgarias post-communist world – this is my homeland.It is real, without any decor. The unfinished transition to a European way of life is a bitter reality that cannot be hidden it is visible in the mind.On periodic returns to my native town in the late 2000s, I constantly rediscovered people, and the still slow and painful break with the past andconcrete. Their fate and destiny turned to concrete, a cheaper existence far away from lifes previous harmony. plastic surgery . Concrete has transformed them into itself, into its own fellow grays. The reinforced concrete structures have done a good job they are barriers between the vital biological environment and people, it has broken their contact withnature. Man, like any living creature separated from its natural environment, has changed both physically and spiritually. In these deformed human beings. I tried my best to find the truth.These images are dedicated to: Anyone living and working in the concrete city of the modern world; the cheerful and carefree children playing in a lifeless environment of stone and debris. They are young and energetic enough to get over everything, to stand the changes and recover. They still do not feel the slow withering embrace of reinforced concrete. But it is a hard mission to restore natural harmony for the future.This theater is displayed without makeup or decorations.
BioVladimir Vasilev, 33, was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. He graduated the college of teaching foreign languages in his hometown. He received basic photography training at age 19. In 1996, he enrolled at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia. Three years later, he stopped his studies in order to devote himself to photography entirely.He then worked as an assistant photographer and lighting designer in the advertising studio Karkelanov, Sofia. In 2001, he left for France where he spent 8 years waiting to be a legal resident, all the while following the path of photography.He has been working as an independent photographer since 2008.
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