Signed 1st edition: Anders Petersen’s photobook Du Mich Auch

10.jpgAnders Petersen is one of our all-time favorite photographers. As a gift to the next generous supporter of Lens Culture (who contributes $1,000), we are delighted to offer a signed first-edition copy of Anders Petersen’s beautiful photography book Du Mich Auch (which translates as You Me Too).Anders said this about this book:

I look at these pictures. Old photographs, taken in the late sixties in Hamburg and Stockholm. They bring back memories of kinship, fearfulness, undisguised curiosity and our solidarity. Photography was rarely the main issue.What counted then was meeting people and exploring different realities. The same things still count. Now I see the pictures from a changed perspective. But they link together what was then with what is now. My questions of then are my questions of now. I recognize them, though the answers no longer carry the same weight. best seo company . So I continue to ask my questions.Be wary of: Nicely formulated principles and truths. Useless feelings of guilt and sins of the past or while we’re at it, a photography resembling pretty adjectives. recycled goods . On the other hand, I like private diaries and family albums.

Book details: Published by the Swedish publisher, Journal, in 2002. 9″ – 12″ tall. 112 pages, 72 photographs. Text in Swedish and English. This is a brand new copy, which was only opened for the author to autograph.

02.jpg01.jpg03.jpg04.jpg05.jpg06.jpg07.jpg09.jpgAndersPetersenBookCover.jpgSpecial thanks to Anders Petersen and to all of our supporters over the past six years!