Playful, seductive nude photo animations in Paris

Présence M, by Floriane de Lassée. 1 min loop, 1x1m80 retro-projection.

French artist Floriane de Lassée — who is well known for her earlier, meditative, large-format architectural photographs with figures — only recently started making short films and videos from stills. We were thrilled to discover her new work when she submitted it to Lens Culture last year. And we are delighted that these captivating video animations will be featured as life-size rear-projections at a Galerie Philippe Chaume in Paris.

Floriane de Lassée says this about the new work, Presences:

Presences plays with the place of the human body in our minds. Our bodies create our boundaries; they carry and constrain the human spirit. What stories do we tell with what we reveal and what we hide? What do we choose to show the world? Can the human body ever truly be “shown” in its entirety?

Subjects in the series appear behind a translucent structure through which they may both reveal and hide themselves. Imprisoned, glimpsed, imagined, transformed, they disappear and emerge all at once. The video is backlit (retro projection) on a semi-transparent surface, similar to the one through which the series’ subjects were photographed. Each full-scale video is a human scale loop. The device and the back of the installation are hidden by a box or a big black cloth so we can think that it is a real person behind a window.

Have our subjects been trapped, held captive behind a wall of light? Or are they surging forward from ether to matter, from imagination to reality?

Présence Julien, by Floriane de Lassée. 1 min loop, 1×1.80m, retro-projected.

These videos and others are showing, life-size, at Galerie Philippe Chaume in Paris, April 8-June 4.

Exposition “Présences” à la galerie Philippe Chaume: 08 Avril au 04 Juin 2011.
Vernissage le mercredi 07 Avril de 18h à 21h.
9 rue de Marseille, 75010 Paris – Métro République

Visit the artist’s website to see more.

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