Photographer #267: Angela Strassheim

Angela Strassheim, 1969, USA, has worked as a forensic photographer for several years before focusing on her conceptual photography.  Her experience from the forensic background and a violent crime involving a student where she was teaching at the time were the triggers for her latest project. She used BlueStar, a reagent whose purpose is to reveal blood stains, at places where crimes had been committed, to take photographs of the interiors. These houses, often inhabited by people unaware of the violent history, showed evidence of past crimes. In her series Left Behind she concentrated on her childhood and adult memories. The domestic narratives show an unsettling world. Pause focuses on significant moments in a girls and womans life. Her images are sharp and hold a deeper layer. Angela received an MFA at Yale University in 2003 and has exhibited extensively. The following images come from the series Evidence, Left Behind and Pause.