Photographer #262: Sohei Nishino

Sohei Nishino, 1982, Japan, has made 100 thousands of images, yet only has 12 photographs in his portfolio. The way he works only permits him to finish three images in one year. He walks in a city for a month or longer, photographing all the buildings from every possible angle. In the following months he hand prints a selection of several thousand images to piece them all together with scissors and glue to make one single map of that city. It resembles an aerial map. However, the map is not a precise geographic recreation, but shows all the iconic features and landmarks. In the last stage of his work he photographs the end result, creating one image that is full of detail. He used the same technique for two images in color that show an imaginary nightscape and an Island. The following images are from the series Diorama Map and the images Night and i-Land.