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We we’re recently put to task of figuring out which schools we all wished we’d gone to. This is the list, in no particular order, of photojournalism schools with visual media degrees we think rock. Although choosing a program isn’t as simple as looking down a list, we’ve tried to offer a couple insider tips about each photojournalsm program. We are making little difference between private and public, but we hope you’ll choose whichever is cheaper for you. 

We’ll continue to develop this list, leave your tips in the comments! 


University of Sydney

Although not in the US, one of the best international photojournalism programs, Sydney offers students a conceptual and technical masters program. Expect to graduate with a nice piece of paper, a good idea of what art should be, and a supreme historical knowledge of documentary photography and photojournalsm worldwide. 

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Rochester Institute of Technology

Offering a large photography program with more varied areas of focus than other schools, RIT often produces strong visual artists for both photojournalism programs and advertising. Expect to finish with a strong technical and production skillset and a developed network of photojournalism contacts. 

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Kent State University

If you’re into the big university environment, Kent State is for you. Expect large auditoriam-sized classes from time to time and plenty of partying. The visual arts and visual media programs are very strong. Expect to graduate with a strong grasp on the craft of photography and an eye for a good shot. With a little initiative, most find the program stimulating but extracurriculars are a must for the full “big school” experience.

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The Corcoran College of Art + Design

Located in the heart of Washington DC, it attracts individual attention and career opportunities which are emphasized in a vibrant and active visual arts community. The students have access to a range of cultural resources in DC and a dedicated staff. Expect to be extremely educated from an artistic perspective and a theoretical understanding of the topic. Will make cheese and wine parties easy, but we agree it isn’t the best option for a practical documentary photographer. 

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Randoph Community College

Budget-friendly Photojournalism School

A tiny school in mid-sized Asheboro, North Carolina – the program provides hands-on instruction for real skills. Expect to leave the program with a strong grasp of the technology and techniques for taking visually strong images. Less emphasis is put on the creative photographer or the “art” and more on the performing money making photographer. Their website is pretty bogus, but the program is quite strong.

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