Photomontage: Imploding European buildings (with witnesses)


“Implosion #03, © Alban Lecuyer, from the series, Downtown Corrida

In his recent series of photomontages, titled Downtown Corrida, young French photographer Alban Lecuyer stops time at the precise moment of the deliberate destruction of old buildings, and then places that moment in an urban setting that he has constructed to suit the purpose of his art.

Lecuyer writes this about the series:

Inspired by American realism, people in the foreground define the place of all and sundry in this evolution. They seem to be waiting for something, a vanished environment or, on the contrary, a new one that hasn’t been built yet.

They’re looking at the show of the implosion as they would while attending a corrida. There is the symbolic space of the bull ring (the safety perimeter), the expectation of the deathblow (the countdown to explosion), and the carcass of the beaten animal (the rubbish). At the end, the audience generally applauds and the images of the demolition become a part of our collective subconscious.

Read and see more, including a high-resolution slideshow, in Lens Culture.


“Implosion #09, © Alban Lecuyer, from the series, Downtown Corrida