New Videos: Nicole Robson and Daniel Kaufmann from reGeneration2

Nicole Robson and Daniel Kaufmann, artists from reGeneration2, are focusing their work on re-creating domestic scenes. Using different approaches from digital to physical reconstructions, they both reveal the impact of consumer society and the fatalism of modern people today.

In this clip, Australian photographer Nicole Robson explains the process of her work from building a domestic environment from scratch, to selecting her subjects, and playing with the outside light. Robson speaks about how she tries to convey an image of the modern family and domestic environment in a theatrical, superficial way, evoking also a feeling of nostalgia.

In this clip below, photographer Daniel Kaufmann guides us through his work of digital constructions from photographs of real homes. By combining ordinary environments as well as commercial catalogs from retail stores, Kaufmann reveals how advertising photography influences our lifestyles.

reGeneration2: tomorrow’s photographers today exhibition is still on view for another week at Aperture Gallery and stay tuned for more artists’ interviews on the blog!

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