Looking for your Dream Job? TPP Can Help.

Oh hello there, reader. We have an exciting announcement about a new feature here at TPP: A JOB FEED!

Do you want to be a beekeeper? A painter? A diva? An eccentric shoe designer?* In that case, you’ll want to contact Todd Selby for your photo opp.

But if you want to work with photographers, studios, magazines, ad agencies, post-production companies, printers, or retouching houses, you should stay right here.

Since we have thousands of visitors from the photo industry a month, it seemed like the logical extension to TPP’s growing community to offer industry specific classifieds and, most importantly, an employment search tool that connects talented, experienced job seekers in the industry with the employers that need their skills.

Welcome to the Job Feed; TPP’s photo-job search tool, designed to link people looking for jobs in and around the industry we love with employers in need of their talent, energy and skill.

Search the jobs now, or add a job, if you have an employment opportunity!

And for your perusing pleasure, here are some of Selby’s greatest hits:








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