International Women’s Day Centenary – Female Focus on Photography plus 20

It’s another day so here is my next list of 20 women photographers. It’s been so interesting looking these names up to see if they are still producing work. Most are, however, there are a couple of links that suggest a stepping away from photography, but that’s the minority.
It’s been wonderful to rediscover photographer’s work and stumble across new work. In constantly looking for the “next new thing and the rising bright star”, we (photo writers/editors/publishers/curators – everyone seems to be one nowadays) can be in danger of having a very narrow field of vision and overlooking the work of photographers and artists who keep producing work, quietly, with little fuss and little attention.
Looking back is not a nostalgia trip. But it is a reminder of how fickle the media can be when it comes to focusing on the latest, the brightest, the youngest. I can remember when you couldn’t pick up a photo mag without seeing one of Loretta Lux’s images staring out at you.
To all those who have commented and suggested some names, thank you. I can learn and find out out about work if you direct me to it, so please, point me in some different directions. Till the next 20 tomorrrow…

Hotshoe magazine 2005-6
Kristen Ashburn
Maxine Beuret
Emma Critchley
Desiree Dolron
Anita Khemka
Harriet Logan
Loretta Lux
Hellen van Meene
Jenny Matthews
Sue Meures
Susie Needham
Emer O’Brien
Sylvia Plachy
Riita Paivalainen
Cindy Sherman
Collier Schorr
Esther Teichmann
Ellen von Unwerth
Ami Vitale
Annet van der Voort

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