Ida Kar at the National Portrait Gallery and International Women’s Day Centenary Female Focus on Photography – 100

Bridget Louise Riley by Ida Kar, 1963 2 1/4 inch square film negative © National Portrait Gallery, London

Dame Barbara Hepworth at work on the armature of a sculpture in the Palais de Danse by Ida Kar, 1961 vintage bromide print © National Portrait Gallery, London

Ida Kar Bohemian Photographer, 1908 – 1974 has just opened at the National Portrait Gallery and runs until 19 June. Although I missed the press view last week, there’s plenty of time to see the show and get familiar with Kar’s work as I know little of it. Tomorrow, the Association of Photographers announces the judges for three of its competitions and on Wednesday night the winner and runners up for the Student Photographer of the Year 2010. And finally, j’arrive. I’m there at 100 women photographers featured in Hotshoe magazine and space for so many more.

This will be the first museum exhibition for 50 years devoted to Ida Kar and includes nearly 100 photographs, some not previously exhibited.

This exhibition of portraits by the twentieth-century pioneering photographer Ida Kar “highlights the crucial role played by this key woman photographer at the heart of the creative avant-garde. With striking portraits of artists such as Henry Moore, Georges Braque, Gino Severini and Bridget Riley, and writers such as Iris Murdoch and Jean-Paul Sartre, this exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the cultural life of post-war Britain and an opportunity to see iconic works, and others not previously exhibited”.

“Russian-born, of Armenian heritage, Ida Kar (1908–74) was instrumental in encouraging the acceptance of photography as a fine art when, in 1960, she became the first photographer to be honoured with a major retrospective in London, at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. She later continued to document conceptualist artists such as Gustav Metzger and John Latham and life in Cuba and Moscow. Featuring unseen archive material, this reappraisal provides a valuable record of the international art world as documented by Kar over three decades while literary subjects exhibited include Doris Lessing, Colin MacInnes and T S Eliot.”

Hotshoe magazine
Claudine Deury
Marion Poussier
Magali Delporte
Mireille Loup
Emma Critchley
Sara Haq
Boo Ritson
Melanie Rozencwajg
Katinka Goldberg
Jodi Bieber
Camilla Stephan
Susanna Majuri
Astrid Kruse Jensen
Polly Borland
Diana Lui
Indra Serpytyte
Zoe Hatziyannaki
Olivia Arthur
Nina Berman
Penny Klepuszewska

Royston Ellis, 1960 by Ida Kar © National Portrait Gallery, London

Samuel Selvon by Ida Kar, 1956 2 1/4 inch square film negative © National Portrait Gallery, London

Dame Margaret Natalie ('Maggie') Smith on the set of 'The Rehearsal' by Ida Kar, 1961 2 1/4 inch square film negative © National Portrait Gallery, London

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