All Ochava Solstices

All Ochava Solstices, overlaid in Photoshop

British artist Idris Khan took the typological photos of Bernd & Hilla Becher and overlaid them on top of eachother, digitally. The other morning I was bored and decided to do the same treatment to my series, Ochava Soltice, as it’s a typology very much in the spirit of the Becher’s. The result is the photo above. My Photoshop skills are pathetic so I was surprised at how trivially easy this was to do.

On my website I have 15 Ochava Solstices. Since putting the work on my website I’ve been able to take about 10 more. I’m planning on returning to Buenos Aires in a few months to continue working on the project. My goal is 50. It’s an arbitrary number but I now have an idea about how I would like to eventually exhibit this work and, more is better.

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