22. Self-portraits – Sally Mann

As her children grew up here camera where not pointed towards them at least not for public viewing for a while, but in later years Sally Mann has been experimenting in that direction again. This time the pictures have a different feel. Not only did she point in back onto her children, she pointed it towards herself and her husband. storage unit . auto air conditioning repair . This is a natural progression from her earlier work and points to her full awareness of how her work has represented her. local handyman . “Unlike the strange serenity of her children’s portraits, Mann’s photographs of herself are unsettling. They provoke comparisons to the wretched patients of early 20th century insane asylums that often suffered from ‘treatments’ far worse than any disease. Mann even appears trapped behind the glass of the same primitive photographic process that seems to liberate her children. Despite the dreadful imagery these photographs conjure, there is no hint of victimization, no need for sympathy. “Her engrossing self-portraits show us the fine line between lunacy and lucidity” (from the press release).” (Jackson Fine Art (2010) Sally Mann.)

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