Sexy Valentine’s Day

As a Friday before Valentine’s day treat, I thought I’d share the work of some of our favorite naughty photographers. If you were looking to surprise your sweetie with something sexy, fun and a little off the beaten path, consider hitting up┬áthese talented teasers for a session and document your looooove – they are for hire!

Constance and Eric are a team (yes, they are also in love) and they specialize in whatever you like. They have a show up right now at the NY Studio Gallery that is closing tomorrow night!┬áCheck it out with your sweetheart! Here are a few images from their appropriately titled Fever series…

Natasha Gornik prefers to be called a “kink” photographer. Specializing in raw, immediate portraiture and documentation, Gornik knows her way around your deepest desires. Here are a few images from her supercharged Fantasy is Reality series…

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