is paper hot, or not?

Color , grace, gesture. customer portal solution . Slipping and sliding through nights humid and intimidating. I am both lost and found in a simultaneous rush of primal feelings and needs.These were my words for a Bravo paper promo for their paper and printing. A commercial use of my photography but the whole concept, design and writing was a collaboration between Polish designer Jurek Wadjowicz and yours truly. Of course the pictures were my personal work from the Caribbean and South America . I cannot publish the whole portfolio here, but it was a labor of love and flat out a whole lot of fun to make. Trust me, the kind of commission you will savor. They are rare. I have never worked with anyone in quite the same way as I did with Jurek. It really was our baby and he made me feel like it was my baby.Holding the final paper product in my hands now is a certain kind of experience and way of viewing photographs that cannot be duplicated on the computer screen. Yet I and many others scramble every day to make our work viable for mobile devices, like the iPad and Kindle etc. We see our books being reasonably priced iPad books as a secondary offering for the traditionally printed book, or will it be the other way around?Either way, times are changing. Some top media executives see bookstores closing and all but boutique printing moving to the iPad. Their feeling is that the consumer will happily pay say $5. for an iPad book rather than $50. for a paper book. I will no doubt end up doing both , therefore spending $55., but perhaps I am not the average consumer of photo books. We will see how discerning consumers move on this.While I work everyday to create a good web experience for you, I also work everyday in traditional media. I live and breathe books. Traditionally printed books. My workshops which always had as the grand finale a slide show from the week of intense shooting by students, will from now on have as the end game a handsomely printed book.In April during the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale , Mississippi students from my small class will start their shooting knowing that we will be producing a book titled JUKE. This will not be an everybody automatically gets 5 pictures in our class book, but a seriously conceived and edited book where each student is going to have to make a truly strong image to be considered for publication. We will start building this book from day one.Eileen Gittens, Founder/Ceo of Blurb, told me her company will sponsor JUKE and give us very special attention. This will be the first in a series of student produced books. These may become a part of our upcoming Burn library of carefully thought out books of all kinds including upcoming publication of a wide variety of photographic artists from this audience both emerging and icons alike. Soon to be presented on Burn will be series of iPad compatible essays, starting with Chris Anderson and his Capitolio.ok, QUESTION FOR ALLSo what do you think? i am reading Ross in our comments section whose book budget is blown after buying 4 books..what about this? Ross could have perhaps had 4 iPad books for say $20. instead of the probably $200. he spentthe profit to the photographer and publisher is probably also better in the electronic versionbook stores closing down.are we seeing the end of the printed book game?You guys tell us..we are listening