Goodbye to All That: Shuttles and Pregnancy

Hallo, old friends. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I went away to birth a baby. And then I’ve been busy doing this, except without the smile, the perfection, and the professional lighting.


that looks like a painful latch.

This picture is by Torbjorn Rodland. and I like it.

This is also not me (Penelope Cruz, three weeks after birthing a child. Maybe she has an assistant do the breastfeeding.)


In other news, today is the end of  The Space Shuttle. Last launch is at 4:50 pm. Sad and a half. Let us have a moment of remembrance with Christopher Wahl’s photographs.


Doh, it’s the last launch of the Discovery orbiter. There are still  two flights left for Endeavour and Atlantis. Slightly less sad. But still sad.