William Eggleston

“God Damn That’s A Good Looking Blue”: Winston Eggleston on William Eggleston It’s difficult to impossible to get William Eggleston to talk about his work much less his working style. In 2004 while preparing a film for ICP’s Infinity Awards, I had the privilege to speak to Bill’s youngest son Winston. Winston suspended his own photography career to be his father’s photographic assistant. Winston and his brother took over running their father’s archive in 1992, attempting to organize and catalog the entire body of work. Negatives were in different cities and many things were missing; there are many stories of boxes of prints vanishing after a late night of partying. Bill’s generosity played a large role in giving away innumerable photographs. During the interview, Winston provided a window into his father’s life and background: he loves guns, but does not hunt; likes stamps, likes old rugs, and loves Bach. Most importantly Winston was able to impart the feeling of being along side his father while he photographed. watch movies . He provides us with a context for each image and expresses an adoration of the photographs as only a son can. Atlanta Web Design . download winrar download . Film and interview directed by: Douglas Sloan

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