Stephen Shore – Dublin

Stephen Shore’s photographic work came to maturity and early recognition in the 1970s, a period when his native America was wearied by war and years of civil unrest. Its wit, elegance, and formal rigour made welcome order out of images that looked casual and arbitrary; echoing the methodology of contemporary photorealist painters, Shore’s approach was a cross between straight documentary and conceptual art. Uncommon Places, probably his best-known and most influential series of photographs, includes – among many others – images of a motel room, a pancake breakfast, a rainbow over a parking lot, and a billboard on a country highway showing a snow-capped mountain. Sometimes described as a sequence of deadpan shots of banal subjects, Uncommon Places is actually deeply rooted in the artist’s subjectivity. Ductless Mini Split . north dakota foundation repair . This is literally and figuratively true: the photographs are diaristic, but more importantly they also bear clear traces of his attitude to the world, which is surprisingly affectionate for one so determined to show no emotion whatsoever in his photographs. Custom Jewelry . Stephen Shore’s work has been shown all around the world in major galleries and museums. This exhibition at the Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin, the first time Stephen Shore’s work has been shown in Ireland, was selected by the artist; it comprises photographs from various series and from every period in his career.