Best Books of 2010

Year three of 5B4 has now passed and it is time for my Best Books of the Year list. There have been several books that will wind up being life long keepers so here are my top picks for 2010.

1. Lewis Baltz: Works
Long awaited box set finally released and is better than my already high expectations.

2. For Now by William Eggleston
Just received a copy right in time for the list. Great edit by the film-maker Michael Almeryda.

3. A New American Picture by Doug Rickard
My biggest surprise of the list. This work will be discussed for years to come.

4. Foto en Copyright Volume II by GP Fieret
Volume II of Fieret’s life long passion for sensuous women and everyday life in The Hague.

5. Parse by John Baldessari

6. Quatorze Juillet by Johan van der Keuken
A few rolls of old film added with book smarts by
Willem van Zoetendaal equals a near perfect little book.

7. Broken Manual by Alec Soth
Soth’s approach to book-making is getting better with each title. My personal favorite of his so far.

8. Desperate Cars by Sebastien Girard
A follow up to Girard’s Nothing But Home and as good. Can’t wait for the third volume…

9. Mexican Suitcase: Robert Capa
A ton of material assembled into a fine form. What more do you want?

10. The Pond by John Gossage
It’s a reprint with three extra plates and a new essay. One of my all time favorite books so it needs to be on the list!

11. In Numbers Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955
Smartly assembled by Philip E. Aarons, Andrew Roth and Victor Brand.

12. Four Cowboys by Richard Prince
Only four images which aren’t his? And a best of the year?

13. 720: Two Times Around by Andrew Phelps
It’s not just because of my nostalgia for skating…

14. How Terry Likes His Coffee by Florian van Roekel
A fine first book. Looking forward to his follow up…

15. Michael Schmidt 89/90
Michael Schmidt, enough said…

What were your faves of the year?????

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