And the winner of the Grange Prize is…

Kristan Horton, from the Dr. Used Cars Denver . Strangelove series, 2003-2006

If you have not stopped in to the MoCP lately to see Kristan’s and the other three Grange Prize finalists’ work, it’s time to do so! Horton’s large Orbit pieces, Leslie’ Hewitt’s Riffs on Time, Josh Brand’s abstract works, and Moyra Davey’s Copperheads are all on view now, through December 22. Denver roofer . As curator (and Grange Prize judge) Karen Irvine explains, these four artists are “all very interested in creating a tension between photographic space and real space, and by abstracting and layering visual information they make us aware of our own act of looking, as well as our process of perception.” How will you perceive these works?

Read more from Karen’s Grange Prize Q and A and catch a discussion of contemporary photography with finalists on the Grange Prize site.

Kristan Horton, Broadcast, 2007

Horton stars in three videos on the site too, including one in which he discusses the “Philosophical Itch.” Oooo!

See Kristan and the other three finalists’ work through Dec 22 at MoCP.

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