Voting is Open for The Grange Prize 2010!

Starting today, you can cast your vote to decide who wins The Grange Prize 2010, honouring the best in international contemporary photography? Who will you choose? Josh Brand, Moyra Davey, Leslie Hewitt, or Kristan Horton? Visit to view galleries of their work, watch artist videos, and vote for your favourite. The winner takes home $50,000 on November 3!

From left to right: (1) Moyra Davey (Canadian), Copperhead #77, 1990, chromogenic print, 51 x 61cm. Courtesy of the artist and Murray Guy, New York. © 2010 Moyra Davey (2) Kristan Horton, Canadian, Orbit: Dark Center, 2009, chromogenic print, 134.6 x 101.6 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto. ©2010 Kristan Horton (3) Josh Brand, American, Untitled, 2009, chromogenicprint, 24.4 x 20.3 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Herald St. London, UK. © 2010 Josh Brand (4) Leslie Hewitt, American, Riffs on Real Time (10 of 10), 2008, chromogenic print, 101.6 x 76.2 cm. golden root complex . Courtesy of the artist and D’Amelio Terras, New York. © 2010 Leslie Hewitt

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