HIV and Photography

The Digital Journalist has a great compendium of the impact of photojournalism in HIV-AIDs, including several video interviews with great photographers like John DugdaleAlon Reininger and Ingrid Sischy, and a large number of assays describing the work of many more photographers.

I love the assay by Scott Thode:

My AIDS work began in 1985. I watched about 40 individuals pass away, over the course of two years, down at Bailey House in New York’s Greenwich Village, the first program to offer emergency and permanent housing for people with AIDS. Then in 1987, I was going up to the Whitney Biennial and found this woman on the street outside. Her name was Venus. She was homeless, a former dancer, an IV-drug user. And she was positive. As time passed, we became best friends, almost like brother and sister. Our families got to know each other. One night in 1993, we were hanging out. It was hot. She ran into the spray of a fire hydrant. She was only in there for 30 seconds. I had maybe five, six frames.

Venus, Manhattan, 1993. © Scott Thode