Entering Photo Competitions

Photographer, curator and blogger Aline Smithson, shares some great tips for photographers aiming to submit work to photo contests:

I have had the wonderful opportunity to juror and curate a number of exhibitions and magazine galleries and as someone who lives on both sides of the fence, I thought I would share some insights and lessons learned. (continue to read at fstop magazine).

This is perhaps my favorite tip:

12. Learn how to write about your work. As a blogger and curator, I need some insight into your work, so I can write about it. Photographers often feel that the images should speak for themselves. Honestly, some do and some don””t. Even a few sentences are a big help.

I concur, and even more, I would say learn to speak (not only write) about your work, describe your purpose and intent with the photograph. Learn to convey with words what the photograph means aesthetically and emotionally to you. It is still amazing to me how often photographers assume that the viewer, just by looking at a photograph, should understand the message that the photographer wants to convey. Sometimes words are not needed, indeed, but most times words enhance the visual perception and enjoyment of the work.