Andy Warhol / Nat Finkelstein

“Andy and the Sunday Times” photograph Nat Finkelstein 1965 (ektachrome)

In honor of Andy Warhol birthday today (he was born 6th august 1928), let me pay a tribute to Nat Finkelstein (1933-2009) who photographed Warhol and the scene that surrounded his studio, the Silver Factory, between 1964 and 1967. Nat Finkelstein, nicknamed “Nat the Hat” was a photojournalist and an activist, documenting the counter-culture and the Civil Rights movement in the early sixties. When he  came to the Factory at the end of 1964 with an assignement from  Black Star Agency to do a major fearure on the New York Art underground scene, then Warhol asked him to stay to document the Factory life. As an insider, he recorded in black and white and in color, numerous iconic moments  which are now part of the tremendous history of the Pop culture during the sixties.

All Nat Finkelstein photographs of Warhol reproduced in this post are excerpted of one solo exhibition I had curated in  Paris in 2005, ‘ A Tale of One City’ at Gordon Pym & fils Gallery. At this time, I was also assisting Nat Finkelstein, with the wish to shed new lights onto his archives, listening to the stories of his life and sarcastic opinions and avidly looking at contact sheets after contact sheets with the sensation to be a witness of precious moments of photography, art, history and rock and roll…

“My name is Nat Finkelstein, I am a photographer, and during the period of 1964 to the end of 1966 while I was documenting the very social changes which were going on in America, I spent some time at the Silver Factory documenting Andy Warhol and his piece of the New York underground.” From ‘The Nat Finkelstein Interview’  A must read ! – This interview was conduced by Patrick Nagle for the TV series ‘Andy Warhol’s Factory People’. The interview took place at the gallery during the exhibtion “A Tale of One City”.

The Last Edie”, New York 1965,  photograph © Nat Finkelstien-  (From left to right : Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Gerard Malanga, Stephen Shore, Dany Williams ) – This photograph was printed on the invitation card for “A Tale of One City” exhibtion at Gordon Pym & Fils Gallery, Paris november 2005.

“Limo” Los Angeles1965  © Nat Finkestein ( From L to R : Nico, Paul Morissey, Warhol, Gerard Malanga) – My favorite photograph from his book ‘Andy Warhol :The Factory Years’ (Canongate, 1999)

” Andy profile”  1965 © Nat Finkelstein

“Andy Warhol & Brian Jones” New York 1965  © Nat Finkelstein

” Andy, Bobby, Elvis” New York 1965 © Nat Finkelstein . ” a perfectly framed back-shot of Warhol and Dylan facing each other as Warhol’s “Flaming Star” Elvises, their guns drawn, aim blank-eyed at both — a concatenation of American iconography unmatched in this century.” according to American author Greil Marcus.

All photographs copyright Nat Finkelstein

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