Slideluck Potshow in Paris

Food For Your Eyes is delighted to team up with Slideluck Potshow  as curator of  the projection to bring for the first time into the City of Lights this international cultural phenomenon that combines a mulitimedia slideshow with a potluck dinner 

The SLIDELUCK POTSHOW PARIS event will be taking place on 23 June, 2010 in an enchanting venue, Le Comptoir Géneral on the banks of Canal Saint Martin, as  part of the 2010 global tour, launching in in May during New York Photo Festival.

For over ten years, Slideluck Potshow has been bringing his photo party  event to cities all over the world.  With 100 shows in over 40 cities around the world, SLPS has grown exponentially and has taken place in cities including New York, Berlin, Oslo, São Paolo, Milan, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Chicago, Mexico City, Nairobi, Copenhagen, Toronto, Seville, Rome, Bogotá, San Francisco, Madrid, Minneapolis, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, London Panama City, New Orleans, London and now, Paris.

Now with a brand new website,  Slideluck Potshow becomes a ressource for finding new talents

If you are in Paris, Wednesday 23 June, please come and join us for an evening of photography and other delights…

The work of over 40 Photographers has been selected for the projection : An eclectic mix of photojournalism, social documentary, street photography, personal narrative and evocative landscape

Natalie AYALA *  Romain ALARY  *  Christopher ANDERSON  *  Neil ATHERTON * Audrey BARDOU * Juliana BEASLEY * Steven BECKLY * Agnes BEN MEYER  * Carolle BENITAH * Ana BLOOM * Aglae BORY * David BURNETT * Olivier CABLAT  *  Arnaud CONTRERAS * Scarlett COTEN *  Bruce DAVIDSON  * Agnes DHERBEYS  * Giovanni DEL BRENNA * Estelle DOUGIER  * Julia GRINER * Laurent GUDIN * Soraya HOCINE *  Pierre HYBRE * In-Public  *  Helene JAYET *  Catherine LARRE * Malala ANDRIALAVIDRAZANA  * Antonio MARTINEZ *   Beaudoin MOUANDA * Kosuke OKAHARA * Jon ONGKIEHONG  * Pascal OTLINGHAUS  *  Louis QUAIL * Bruno QUINQUET * *  Markel REDONDO  *  Nick SHIFLET  * Gerard UFERAS  * Ana Lisa UNKURI  * Michael SAWYER  * Pieter TEN HOOPEN  * Patrick TOURNEBOEUF *

SLIDELUCK POTSHOW evening from 7.00 pm to 11.30 pm

Le Comptoir Général, 80 quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

Slideluck Potshow Paris on Twitter @slideluckparis

UPDATE 1 : A fantastic turnout of people  enjoyed the photo party. They are very good review of the show here and here  And below a video by Didier de Fays, for the online magazine

Slideluck Potshow Paris n°1 from Photographie on Vimeo.

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