Webminar with Bill Frakes: video and still photography

Missy from Straw Hat Visuals on Vimeo.

Bill Frakes has been working with multimedia (video and still images) for a while and some of his work can be seen at Strawhat Visuals (see example above for a very touching story where the voice, images, and video coalesce to blend into a touching story).

Manfrotto is sponsoring a webminar where he will talk about the use of video and still images with a DSLR to capture music concerts. See the information here for free registration.

Webinar with Bill Frakes

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Date: April 1st

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Title: Multimedia In The Music Business: Combining Stills And Videos Shot With A DSLR For Maximum Impact.

Description: This webinar, hosted by David Fisher, Manfrotto product manager, and featuring multi-award winning photographer Bill Frakes, takes you behind the scenes of Bill’s recent shoot of the band Backyard Babies music video “Abandon.” Backyard Babies is one of the most popular rock bands in Sweden and Bill, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, World Press Award and many others, used at least a 12 camera set up, live performances, studio shots, and a wonderful setting in the frozen Baltic Sea to create this hit music video. Attend the webinar to uncover the secrets of the band’s video, equipment survey and some very interesting backstage stories.

www.Billfrakes.com | www.strawhatvisuals.com

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