The Dutch Masters Series Workshops

Interesting workshops from Cesuralab


A new decade is upon us and we want to make sure we start it well. This spring Cesuralab will host The Dutch Masters Series. 5 Weeks with 5 different photographers all coming from the Netherlands. We would like to give photographers (aspiring and professional) the opportunity to explore new boundaries through the teachings from some of world’s groundbreaking photographers working today.

Over the last two decades the Dutch soil has been raising a large breed of exceptional artists who use a camera as their medium. Every one of them having their own individual style and visual language. Five of them will be coming to Italy.

The Dutch Masters Series will start mid April and ends the third week of May. Art, fashion, portraiture, bookmaking, documentary photography, editing, and much more will be subjects of discussion and assignment. Each photographer will have their own specific way of teaching their workshop, but all will be promising and full of content and insight. Spring in this village in northern Italy is sunny, quiet and carefree, to be enjoyed with delicious food and wine.