Scavenger-hunt : self-published artists book by Jonathan Gitelson

The Scavenger Hunt, self published book by Jon Giitelson – spread

Let me first confessed, I am a big fan of Jonathan  Gitelson’s work for the brilliant sense of humour and absurdity he finds in mundane stuff, and literally, in the junk as in The Garbage Can Project., to create a singular body of work. In his projects and installations, he uses photography, video, found objects (flyers and cars, like in The Car Project, one of his previous work) and used to self-publishe artist’s books. You can visit Jon Gitelson’s website, then you will have a clue…. I’ve always think it is a good sign when artworks make you smile or laught…just the sign that your synapses and your senses are well-connected. When you look or even think at an artist work and that makes you feel happy, it is a damned good sign. This guy is a pure genius!

I’m very happy to introduce you to Jon Gitelson’s latest project, which is….a self-published artist book : The Scavenger Hunt . To help him raising funds for the production costs,  Jon Gitelson launched a page on the funding platform Kickstarter. This is a really smart idea…(Check also a previous FFYE post about the Future of Photobook).

The Scavenger Hunt, self published book by Jon Giitelson – spread

If you are a donator for The Scavenger Hunt, in exchange  you will receive a print or a copy of the limited edition book. Feel free to to participate and donate 25$/50$/450$

After the jump, there is the text of the message I have received from Jon (reproduced upon his kind authorization) :

The Scavenger Hunt, self published book by Jon Giitelson – spread

” My project for consists of publishing five copies of my artist’s book “Scavenger Hunt” for the “Hamburg Fotobuchtage Festival” that will be held in Germany this June. My books will be presented by “Kehrer Verlag”.

I’ve self published books in the past but never as one of a kind art objects. My goal is to create a full edition of 50 books and I have found a great local bindery called “Love Leaf Press” who are going to help me out. Each book is going to cost me roughly $250 to make but they are going to look really really good!

You can view my project page at Kickstarter here

Essentially, I am looking for backers to help me finance this project. Individuals who donate $25 towards the project will receive a signed 8” x 10” page from the book (page of your choice), individuals who donate $50 will receive a signed two page spread from the book (spread of your choice) and if you are feeling insanely generous, individuals who donate $450 will receive a signed one of a kind copy of the book (again, finished edition of 50).
The way that kickstarter works is that in order for me to receive the money and for you to receive your print, I need to meet my minimum goal of $1200 (however there is not a maximum cap) by June 17th.