MoCP Collection Artist Update

Alec Soth, Patrick, Palm Sunday, Baton Rouge, LA, 2002

Alec Soth speaks with the Art:21 blog regarding his relationships with his portrait subjects. In the “Sleeping by the Mississippi” series, to which the author refers, Soth captures the disparate scenes and people he discovers during meandering journeys along the Mississippi River. Beginning his voyages in the frozen winters of Minneapolis and ending in the sultry heat of New Orleans, Soth’s pictures trace a cultural gradation along the largest and most storied river in the United States. View Soth in the MoCP Collection.

Jennifer Greenburg has been busy this week! Over the weekend, Greenburg was quoted and appeared in a New York Times article for her involvement in the exhibition Aldermen Project: 50 Aldermen/50 Artists at Johalla Projects in Chicago. (This exhibition also features collection artists Jon Gitelson and Melissa Ann Pinney.) Greenburg and her recent photo publication, The Rockabillies, were also the focus of today’s Eight Forty-Eight broadcast on Chicago Public Radio.

Lorna Simpson, 9 Props, 1995

Lorna Simpson was announced as the winner of an Infinity Award in the “Art” category from the International Center of Photography. The award winners will be honored at a gala event held Monday, May 10, in New York.

Finally, Duncan MacKenzie of Chicago’s Bad at Sports interviews Curtis Mann for this week’s podcast. An image of Mann’s piece from the Whitney Biennial also appears in an audio slideshow on the New Yorker’s website. Peter Schjeldahl analyzes Mann’s and a few other artists’ pieces from the exhibition in this slideshow.

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