Luis Díaz Díaz

from Music Boxes © Luis Díaz Díaz

Luis Díaz Díaz is a photographer from Spain that will participate at the 3rd Biennial of Photography and Architecture in Brussels, where he will be exhibiting the project “Music Boxes”, selected under this years theme “Spaces of Celebration”. It should be an interesting event as the list of artists exhibiting is worth of attention.

Music Boxes” is a series of images of small stages that are used for music events at rural locations, in this case towns and villages in the north of Spain, in Galicia. The project itself is interesting for the cultural connotations that represents. While you look at his site take the opportunity to visit some of his other series. “Ropa Interior” is a project where he shows the “naked” self of men embracing objects that drive their passion.

from Ropa Interior  © Luis Díaz Díaz