– 60th Annual Southern Short Course in News Photography

The 60th Annual Southern Short Course in News Photography (SSC) will be held February 6-8, 2009 at the Hilton Charlotte Center City in Charlotte, NC. The SSC, a not for profit independent organization, is the longest running photojournalism seminar in America.

According to their Web site, the "sole purpose [of the seminar] is to provide educational programs for students and photojournalists. Even though the word ‘southern’ is in the name, the competition has no geographic limits and is open to anyone, student or professional." This year’s seminar is being held in collaboration with North Carolina Press Photographers Association and South Carolina News Photographers Association.

The registration is $95 for professional and amateur photographers and $50 for students, retirees and spouses. There is a $15 late fee for registering after January 23, 2009.

The following info is the fee structure for submitting entries posted for 2008 (you may want to confirm that these are the same amounts for this year). If you want to enter the Southern Photographer of the Year Competition, it will cost an extra $35, individual multimedia entries cost $10 and new team multimedia entries (for publications/web organizations, magazines and universities) are $75.

Their guidelines page has everything you could possibly want to know about submitting an entry (except for the current dates).

Seminar highlights are listed on their Web site. They include: lighting, multimedia, and online workshops, breakout sessions, speakers, portfolio critiques, trade shows, door prizes, and a Nikon Shoot Out (contestants will be loaned a point and shoot camera, given an assignment, and the best photo wins: pretty cool).

Speakers and session leaders include David Hobby from Strobist.com, Bill Fortney from Nikon Professional Services, Ashlie White the Director of Communications for Adaptive Technologies, Cathaleen Curtis the Director of Photography for AOL and Peter Read Miller of Sports Illustrated . The vendor list includes Cannon USA, Nikon Professional Services/Nikon, Inc., Southeastern Camera, Mountain Workshops, and Robert’s Distributors.

The SSC seminar is stuffed full with tips, lessons, techniques, discussions and information. Have you entered yet?