– VIEW Pictures expands stock library

VIEW Pictures, a stock photography library based in the United Kingdom, recently launched a new Web site powered by The Data Archive. VIEW used to specialize in architecture and interior design imagery, but "the company is touting several improvements with the new platform including a powerful new search engine, a light-box with a ‘drag-and-drop’ function, and hover-over image previews." "VIEW’s collection now offers more than 50,000 images including works for more than 50 photographers and partner collections," reports abouttheimage.com .

My search for "light bulb" resulted in two elegant images that reflected their interior design tastes, and my search for "pizza" led me to just less than 20 images invoking their expertise in architectural images. I didn’t really catch their expansion into stock photography on a general level, but I found some beautiful photos for even the most mundane of searches (like, say, toilet).

Have you been integrating VIEW’s new site into your regular stock searches? Are you finding it useful? Am I missing something?