– Where did VewdNews go?

VewdNews is on hiatus due to some…. shall we say… economic frustrations. Early this month, Vewd went broke.

The editors of VewdPhoto have (thankfully) chugged along. The editors of VewdNews have taken a lead role in helping to fund Vewd and we our proud to announce our return! At the start of December VewdNews will resume publication at a slower rate than before, but steadily we hope to provide every one of you with relevant and important information. We are pleased to announce that Ashley McFarland , who was previosly an associate editor, will be taking the reigns in leading VewdNews through the next several months. Denver Internet Marketing . Ashley is a talented editor and will serve Vewd well!

To breifly explain why we all disappeared: We found the goals we set for ourselves too lofty. The tasks were too time consuming to handle for such a small publication; our morales (and bank accounts) took the hit. In light of this, we hope you will consider donating a couple dollars to VewdNews. The funds will be divided equally among the editors of VewdNews. You might call it a tip. A token of gratidute for what they do. We understand how tight your budgets may be, but even change will be more than helpful.

If you are interested in sponsoring VewdNews, our rates are very low right now. If you are interested, e-mail Matt directly: Matt (AT) Vewd.org

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