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I just found out about this amazing project going on right now called We Are the Ones: Portraits of Americans Standing for Change. This “photographic essay documenting the enthusiasm and diversity of Obama supporters across the country” is traveling around the US taking photographs of “average citizens and grassroots communities as the real stars of this campaign, by giving them a celebrity-style photo shoot at Obama events.” The name of the project comes from Obama’s Super Tuesday speech, in which he states “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” The photo gallery is filled with images of Obama supporters of all ages.

As an ardent Obama supporter and believer in grassroots change, I am a huge fan of the project. But no matter your political leanings I think everyone can appreciate the beauty of showing everyday people who are passionate about a candidate and a message, people supporting a politician they trust. In these often cynical and skeptical times, I find this project and each of its participants beautiful. Some of my favorite photos include: two kids holding up signs reading “Obama making lemons into lemonade”, two older men with shirts reading “Rednecks for Obama 2008” and this proud American Indian woman decked out in Obama gear.

According to their media kit, We Are the Ones is run by two individuals and is funded by their savings and any donations they receive. They will be on the road until October 14 and you can look here for a calendar with all their stops listed in case you want to participate. To date they have photographed over 500 Obama supporters.

Ultimately, the founders would like to show their photos in a New York City gallery and to publish them as a book. For now you can find out more about their project and see some of their photos at www.wearetheonesproject.com.

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