– Top 10 Documentary Photo Contests

Want photography fame and fortune? Check out this list of photography competitions to see a wide range of contests starting with newer competitions and building up to those that are well-established and garner widespread prestige. So get to work on compiling your photo essays, project proposals, and artists statements!


10) Vewd : Our own contest for students which runs from October to February.


9) Gordon Parks Center : An annual competition that seeks images with subjects complimentary to the work of photographer Gordon Parks. Entries due in June.


8) Alexia Foundation : An annual competition awarding 1 professional and 1 student. Entries due in February.


7) Aperture Portfolio Prize : Although this is not a genre-specific competition, judges seek work created within the last five years with a consistent theme. Entries due in July.


6) New Works Photography Awards : A contest for minorities that is sponsored by non-profit organization En Foco. Entries due in July.


5) http://newyorkphotoawards.com/ ” target=”_blank”>New York Photo Awards : With classifications such as “Personal Series,” “Editorial,” and “Photography Book,” there are a lot of options for this contest which coincides with the New York Photography Festival held in May.


4) The Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards : This contest gives major money and major exposure with a multitude of categories, and separate contests for pros and nonpros. Entries due in July.


3) International Center for Photography : Honoring a young photographer and an individual in photojournalism among other categories, this is via nomination only. The Infinity Awards are given in May, annually.


2) Howard Chapnick Grant : In association with the Eugene Smith Fund, this grant is for undertakings that advance photojournalistic endeavors. Application due in July.


1) Eugene Smith Grant : A grant that gives a hefty amount of money to a photographer who has a substantial body of work and experience. Applications due in July.

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