– The new Magnum Photos Foundation will hold its first auction this week

The upcoming auction will contain 300 photographs from all Magnum photographers. All funds will go directly to the Foundation. The images up for bid were originally created for their 60th anniversary book, Magnum Magnum, by Thames & Hudson, and they feature all the agency’s members.

The auction includes prints by Eve Arnold, Jonas Bendiksen, Ian Berry, Phillip Jones Griffiths, Cornell and Robert Capa, Inge Morath and Martin Parr.

The Magnum Photos Foundation was created to advance public understanding and appreciation of documentary photography and to stimulate the creation of new work.

The auction will take place this week on October 9th (today) at Bloomsbury in London. For more information, go here.

Photo: Jonas Bendiksen (b.1977) :: villagers collecting scrap from a crashed spacecraft, surrounded by thousands of white butterflies. russia. altai territory, 2000