– Student Deadline Approaches for National Geographic’s Glimpse Program

From NPPA:

The Glimpse Program is a non-profit National Geographic publication (print magazine and Web site) about the experiences of young Americans abroad. Geographic provides professional editorial support to help students learn the craft of storytelling, with the larger goal of using stories to inspire others to care about the world.

The Glimpse Correspondents Program is “for especially talented students specializing in writing, photography, and video,” Geographic says, and each student receives a $600 stipend, a professional editor, and guaranteed publication in Glimpse.

In addition, any student who has lived abroad or is currently living abroad is encouraged to contribute, and students who apply to the program but are not selected are still encouraged to share their stories about living abroad.

Glimpse is online at www.glimpse.org and the application for the Glimpse Correspondents Program is online here.

The deadline to apply is November 2.