– Stitch yourself a panorama

I found a nice little create-a-panorama application called Microsoft Image Composite Editor. The great things about this app are that it’s completely free, it’s super simple to use and it doesn’t complicate itself with additional features. This app keeps its eye on the panorama prize.

Some potential drawbacks for users are that it’s Windows-only: quite a big deal for some photographers who are Mac die-hards. In that case, you can still use your old standard – Photoshop – for making panoramas.

To make a panorama in Photoshop you’ll use its Photomerge tool to make one large image of several smaller images. In CS3 using this tool is as simple as choosing Photomerge under the File menu and following the instructions presented to you in the dialog box. You can choose any images for your panorama and also select the layout style.

So in a nutshell, if you’ve got Photoshop and you need a panorama stitched up, you’re all set! If you prefer the freeware route and you’re on a PC, look into Microsoft Image Composite Editor. But if you’re on a Mac and a budget, you may well be screwed, folks.

How do you create your panoramas?