– Multimedia Muse

Another new multimedia blog has popped up on the Web, this one called Multimedia Muse. Created by three anonymous photographers, Multimedia Muse is a “daily round-up of the best in online multimedia, all presented on a single broadsheet.” Their About Us page explains “We�re impudent, we�re plugged-in, and we�re staying anonymous. We�re three photographers who believe in creating a greater corporate news demand for online photojournalism. Currently, news sites often give lousy play to multimedia projects. Lousy play means fewer web clicks. And fewer clicks means that these projects aren�t earning their web hosts the kind of revenue that they could. We created MultimediaMuse to try and turn things around: to help give our industry�s Final Cut creations the display, and their web hosts the clicks, they deserve.”

The trio think their blog will be a win-win situation for all involved: exposure for artists, networking for publishers and inspiration for viewers. Currently their homepage features an array of posts, among them a peek into Phillip Toledano’s “Phone Sex” collection (recently mentioned on Vewd), some photography news headlines and several Viral Videos, or funny videos pertaining to photography and news coverage. From what I can tell, Multimedia Muse could build themselves a grassroots following among multimedia gurus and photojournalists alike. Head over there and see some of the greatest multimedia on the web right now.