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The recently launched Photoshop CS4 from Adobe has pleasantly surprised most photographers and designers based on reviews of the Beta version. Despite its release being just on the heels of Photoshop CS3 (launched 18 months ago), I think we will see plenty of folks jumping on the CS4 bandwagon when it ships in October.

Notable improvements to Photoshop with CS4 include: content-aware scaling, a rotating canvas, new panels for masks and adjustments, a 3-D engine, and improved integration with Lightroom. Overall, the improvements included offer you the ability to perform key functions faster.

PhotoshopCAFE offers a full review of Photoshop CS4, a complete new features list, and several all-new free video tutorials to help you learn your way around the new bits. Keep yourself current by checking out the videos and the free Photoshop CS4 learning site today!

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