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The power of visual storytelling (or visual journalism) is extraordinary, not that I need to remind you. Photographers have to use new tools as they become available; they must take advantage of advancements in technology before others have seized the opportunity.

I often think about creating models and ideas to present to you. boob implants . I view you as a board of directors for Vewd. (You do tell me what to do often enough.)

It would work something like this: I bring an idea here to this forum – a strange idea using a technology you may know nothing about – and I then invite your opinions.  Would this be an interesting thing to invest time in? Should we make an effort to develop this? How would you use it? I am interested in orchestrating things we will all benefit from, so why not bring it to you before I invest the time and money? Why not let you help me create this from the start? Why not look to you to improve it?

I intend to do that and more in the future.  For now, I want to hear your most outlandish ideas about a tool. If you could have a tool that did ANYTHING, what would that tool be?

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