– Funding Opportunity for documentary photographers

The Open Society Institute (OSI) began its Moving Walls project in 1998, and since then has featured the work of more than 100 photographers. OSI is a private foundation that "aims to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform."

Moving Walls are "an artistic interpretation of the obstacles — such as political oppression, economic instability, and racism — that society often erects and the struggles to tear those barriers down." You can easily see how this project supports their commitment to social justice and human rights.

OSI’s Documentary Photography initiative offers Moving Walls grants, distribution grants to individuals and production grants to organizations. You can read about all three grants here . I had trouble finding specific information on the Production and Distribution grants, however I found plenty of information about the Moving Walls grant.

Photographers are encouraged "to submit documentary work of national or international subjects that coincide with the issues and geographical areas that are principally of concern to OSI." There is no fee to apply.

Grants cover your approved submitted budget for printing, drymounting, and other production costs, a $1,500 royalty payment, and covers costs up to $750 to return your work. Works will be displayed at their exhibition opening October 1, 2009. Previous grantees include Dana Popa , Marcus Bleasdale , and especially notably, Steve Liss .

You can read all the specifics on the application process , but keep in mind that the application/proposal deadline is Friday, December 5, 2008.