– Film & Photography: Getting Your Non-Profit’s Message Across

During my latest bout of Stumbling around, I came across a relatively new non-profit organization called The Girl Effect. Their mission is admirable: enabling the powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society. Like most groups that support women, I was hooked from square one, but what surprised me about the way the The Girl Effect presented their organization was that their website wasn’t filled with words.

The group’s mission is found within a simple dictionary entry introducing the term “Girl Effect”. There are only three sections on the site: Learn, Change and Share. Thus, there are very few chunks of text to get lost in. Instead, their website is filled with photographs and videos.

You’ll find their message within the introductory video, detailing how change begins with a girl. You’ll also find the scale of how you can help women across the world and you’ll see the stories of several women who have already been helped by the organization. Within the Learn section you’ll meet four women. And each time you navigate through the site you’ll see photographs of more women that have been Effect-ed. The Share section offers supporters the ability to share and network the website itself and also several ways to “fly the Girl Effect” via banners, posters and other graphics.

Is this the wave of the future for non-profits? Will we see more and more groups embracing the internet as a tool and putting their message out by using video and photography? Will the next big thing in social change, or any other field, be the result of an emotionally charged photograph?