– Factory workers of Cambodia

John Vink, a Magnum photographer working in Cambodia says:

“There is a multimedia piece about Chom Chao, an area in the suburbs of Phnom Penh where part of the 300000 Cambodian garment factory workers sleep, work, and have nothing much more to do because inflation is eating away their 50$ a month salary. It is called �Chom Chao, les jeunes exil�es du textile� and you can find it on the Ka-set website

This is just a teaser of what I hope will become a bigger story.

The website is in French and in Khmer but the multimedia slideshows are bilingual French and English� Not that it is really important. It�s more about photographs and ambient sound.”

Photographer Pablo Delano commented, “John, this is a powerful, moving story done with love and respect.”

I agree. Beautiful imagery John! Thank you for capturing this, if only it didn’t exist for you to photograph…

See the piece here.

The photo I have placed here is by John Vink, I can only hope he and Magnum will not mind the publicity, otherwise I’m happy to remove it. 

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