– A hired a paparazzo: but why?

Amy Stein’s comments on a recent Wired article are like reading the inside of my mind. The Wired writer hired a paparazzo to photograph/stalk her for a day at the low, low rate of $500 per hour! I never knew stalking paid so well! Seriously though, why?

Read the wired article here.

Amy writes:
"This is further evidence that our cultural engine is running on fumes. I have not put the numbers into the computer yet, but I have a theory that our culture is about to become so self-referential that it collapses under it’s own weight of ironic self-awareness and forms a giant black hole of metaness."

I’m beginning to think so myself, Amy…

Who would do this? Why? Just for the article… maybe? I feel like it has to be more… she wanted to be stalked? I don’t want to know what it feels like to be stalked by a "photographer" all the time, I honestly don’t. Plus, she was ripped off, the photos suck, bad. They look like simple snapshots… or, as Amy says like "the photos they find taped all over the bedroom walls of the quiet neighbor who just stalked you for three years before murdering you in the elevator."

Poor Wired.

Why would this girl want this?